The Pilbara Project website is where some of these stories can be shared. It's a forum for stories from anyone, anywhere in the world, who has experienced the Pilbara or wants to experience the Pilbara. For over seven years, a West Australian not-for-profit cultural organisation called FORM has been getting to know people and stories from the many communities throughout the Pilbara. FORM's work has focussed on encouraging local people, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to explore and celebrate their own creativity and sense of identity through visual arts, sculpture, writing and photography. On these exploratory journeys, people have repeatedly referenced their relationship with the Pilbara itself.

The people who depend on this region for their livelihoods or identity are there for many different reasons. Some are there to work for the mining companies. Some are there because they visited, fell in love with the land, and decided to stay. And some are there because the deserts and gorges are as much a part of them as their DNA. The Pilbara Project is a continuous journey of discovery; it is a space for anyone who has ever encountered places like these, and felt changed forever by the experience. Tell us your story on Discover The Pilbara.

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