May, 27 2010
Talawanna Track
Les Walkling

Note to Self 31:

The Hidden Colours of the Pilbara.

The red-orange iron and sun dominate our seeing. That is, they hinder us seeing the other colours (the other things) in the Pilbara.

By white balancing the shadows and thereby effectively discounting the sun and iron, the dominant red-orange cast is removed, and the secondary and tertiary colours (and things) are revealed.

All manner of understandings previously invisible are now revealed.

The metaphor extends to reducing the dominance of iron ore - the reason most white people are here - in favour of the biology and botany, zoology and geography, and consequently the historiography of the Pilbara.

By discounting the red-orange sun drenched iron ore, the underlying Pilbara, the other Pilbara(s) are revealed.

In editing an image each geographical region of the image, once identified, can then be individually white balanced to reveal its maximum difference. I hope the differences can then be respected.

Initially white balancing the image to reveal the maximum embedded colours helps to also identify these unique regions, which in turn can then be individually colour balanced according to its subject that matters.

This is my new Pilbara palette.

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