September, 24 2010
Mollie Hewitt

Dampier would be the last stop of the Pilbara Project trips for the majority of us, however Tony would soon be returning to Onslow to complete the journey through the western Pilbara.

The photographers spread out along the Esplanade, finding new perspectives on the industry that they photographed from the sky the previous morning. Bill and I ventured down close to the shore to find a stream of clear salt water running into the silty ocean. I picked up a dark shiny shell intrigued by its tiny pattern only to discover it had legs. When I put him down and watched him walk off I noticed another shell moving beside him, and then in my stillness I noticed hundreds, even thousands of crabs enjoying the shallow clean water. It takes an interested eye but you can find endless amounts life all over the Pilbara - which is so comforting.

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