August, 31 2012
Bharat Sikka


If anyone comes to see my photos hanging on the wall there, I’m very pleased for them to have a look at it, I wish everyone all around the Pilbara would take photos to show their lifestyle and what’s happening these days.

My name is Bruce Monadee I’m about 68, 69, if I was still young I wouldn’t be sitting here I’d be out somewhere- but I can’t, because I’m a diabetic. I was born first of the first, 1945. I grew up mostly around this area, Roebourne. Roebourne is my hometown and I’ve lived all my life here. I’ve never lived in other towns like Hedland, Onslow, or Marble Bar, but I’ve been around there in my young days when I used to travel around. I spent all my teenage years here in Roebourne. When I got to around 18 or 19 I traveled a bit, to areas, that I’d never been, just to see it, people invited me in their homes and things. I traveled a lot to Marble Bar, to see my brothers and sisters because they are part of my family, our fathers and mothers were there.

When I knocked off school I had a job already waiting for me at Mount Welcome Station. The boss said, ‘oh when Bruce Monadee finishes school a job is waiting for him’. Riding horses, going out and looking at the mills every week, just to check them, if it’s okay, that’s what all the station work was about, at shearing and mustering time it’s different. I never was short of work. Every time I used to break for holidays from Mount Welcome, I’d start right into the job working with Old Solomon James, sometimes I used to help out my father working at Tommy Lee’s, doing Chinese work. My father used to drive trucks, up and down; I used to give him a hand driving the trucks sometimes.

We used to stay in the Roebourne village, but after Mum passed away I moved into Cheeditha.  I’m a pensioner now, but we got our own organization when we go to meetings, we get our sitting fees. Mostly all the people around the Pilbara play cards, you have a game, you can’t just sit around one place and look at the wall.

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