August, 31 2012
Port Hedland
Bharat Sikka

Eva Jane


I was born in Port Hedland. My Dad started working here and met my Mum, then they got married, so I didn’t have much choice. Dad was from Kalgoorlie and Mum is from Thailand. I have a brother in Thailand, a brother in South Australia and a sister in Perth.  I speak Thai fluently, I go every year or two to a placed called Naklua. Mum has a lot brothers and sisters, there are 12 and I always liked to get away from Hedland to visit them and spend time with family. I sometimes feel that I’m two different people, I have a serious life over here, I have to stay focused on my career, and in Thailand I feel quite peaceful, I can lose my focus and drift off.  My Thai family are Buddhist and in Naklua we always go to the temple. I see a lot of truth in Buddhism, I see a lot of truth in every single religion. When I was younger I thought I’d like to live in Thailand, but I grew up and realized that I could have a better life here.

I finished school then worked at the Post Office as a Postal Services Officer at the front counter, I loved my job, it’s where I met the best of friends and I was really sad to leave. I recently finished my diploma in real estate, which I’m going to practice in Bridgetown. My Dad is retiring, so Mum and he are moving down South and I’m going with them, if I could afford my own house I might have stayed here, it's good to be in real estate in Port Hedland, but I think it's time for a change. Our house is sold now. I have just given away my birds; I had budgerigars. I started with one which my Dad found in the bush with a broken leg, he brought it home for me, and then after it died I bought another two, that was when I was about six years old. The two became 20 and then they bred, so the cage kept getting bigger and bigger, other birds have come along, they are all budgerigars.

You grow to really like Port Hedland, it’s a nice place to grow up, you get close to people easily. I like going to the jetty near Marapikurrinya Park, although I used to be scared of the water, and I didn’t like to see the water when you walk over it. I have played the piano since I was 10 years old and was taught by Jan Gillingham who is a great member of the community and likes to get involved with lots of things around town. She introduced me to the Pilbara Music Festival and every couple of years I would perform there. It's a really popular event where musicians that have moved away from Hedland come back to perform every year in September. I've always been a really shy and quiet person and performing really helped me open up.

I think the town has improved a lot, they are building up a community, and there is more to do now, it used be hard to find things in Hedland; but now there are shops and you get more entertainment.

I love the cyclones here, as long as it’s not a category five, like being stuck in the house for 12 hours and getting sent home from school or work. I love rain, I think that’s because it is so rare here, like this place is cursed not to rain, if often gets completely cloudy and then doesn’t rain.

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