August, 31 2012
Bharat Sikka



I was born in Cheeditha Station in 1948, I had seven kids, I only got four left, three passed away. When I was six or seven years of age we moved into town, because Mum passed away we moved to town where I went to school in the old court house.

I live in Roebourne, where I like to do painting of all the bush tucker you see, wild beans, wild melons, all the vines flowering on the banks of the rivers, plenty of vines. I like to go fishing; go around talking to people have a yarn, have a cup of tea. It’s a good little town to live always; everyone knows the family, wherever grandchildren are, and families looking after them.

We’ve got a lot of booming mining companies; they should look at the needs of the town, the children in this community. I like being with family, being with friends, helping them, to look at a better way of living and working together, that’s what I like to do - look at options, what can we do to help each other, every beautiful, different day. I get up every morning, to face the day and what comes out of it. I just take it one step at a time – just take the day as it comes.

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