August, 31 2012
Tom Price
John Elliott



I was born in Onslow and I still live there now. I went to school in Carnarvon at the mission because my parents worked on Yarallooola station, so we got sent away to get educated.  I’m a Martuthunira and Gurruma person and I still speak language. We’ve got our law and culture, and we’re trying to keep it strong into the future.  I’ve got two sons, one who lives in Mandurah and one who lives in Rockingham. I’ve got six grandchildren.

I don’t work currently because I’ve been a carer for my Mum who is on dialysis. In August last year I ended up getting sick with cancer, I’ve beaten it now but I’m still recovering from that, so she is in a nursing home.
I’ve got my family living here in the Pilbara and my second husband, Brian Tucker. This is where I come from, it’s my country and, I could never ever live in another place.

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