August, 31 2012
John Elliott



My name is Joyce King-well, that’s the name I had when I was a young girl. I used to work at Yarraloola Station, clean the house, work in the morning and wash all the plates and things, you know, the station life. I had two kids at Yarraloola Station, the two eldest ones, and then two were born in the old hospital in Onslow.

I was born at Bumaji, it was ration camp, before my mother and father used to stay there, I don’t remember much, I just know where I was born, and my brothers and all my sisters been there. I never had my Grandfather, but my Nanna get buried at Bumaji, my Mum’s Mother and Grandfather’s Wife, my Grandfather, Dingo man.  A lot of people got buried there, we went back there a long time ago with my partner, we went there with Bigili. My partner tell me stories, about my father he said, oh yeah, we buried im here.

My Dad used to work on the station with sheep, a long time ago,  he was at Pyramid station, helping shearing; we used to go and stay at Pyramid and help there when I was a young girl. My father been everywhere, he had an Ngarluma friend and worked with Ngarluma people, he used to go to Croydon with my Mum, he had two wives.

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