September, 30 2012
Marble Bar Rd, before Marble Bar
Ketaki Sheth

The Dhu Family


I was originally born in Hedland and came to Marble Bar when I was eight or nine, now I’m 32. I have four children. Since those days, the people have changed and moved away. I went to Marble Bar Primary School, I’ve got my Dad and sister here and most of the town is family. The kids were born in Port Hedland – there’s only a nursing post here. I like the heat before the rains come, and when the rivers start running, I like to go down to the Coongan River sometimes. Every day is different for me, I worked as a cleaner for a while, but mostly now I hang out at home, go visiting people, and have a cup of tea.


Danika Dhu


I went to Marble Bar Primary School and now I’m in year seven. I like science and when I’m older I’d like to be an artist, I like painting. My teacher’s name is Miss Megrail. In the school there are about nine in our class and in the school there are about 20, roughly. I hang out with my mates and go to the swimming pool, it’s open all year around. I like going to the shops because I like the lollies. I play footy and basketball. My brother likes football too. We go to Hedland on the weekends sometimes, I’ve been to Perth, it’s big and noisy. I like Marble Bar, it’s small and easy to get around, I will probably live here when I grow up.

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