September, 30 2012
Port Hedland
Ketaki Sheth



I'm five years old. We live in De Grey Station. I love driving out on the station with Grandad we go see if the pumps have water, and if it’s down we fix it, and sometimes we do that with my dad in his Hilux. My horse’s name is Hanna and she is not allowed in the house yard. We always brush it down after we ride.

I talk to my teacher through a microphone and it goes through the computer so we can see her on the camera. My teacher’s name is Miss B, we tell her news, and she tells her news to us first, and then we do our activities.
On school holidays, we go down to the river and go fishing - we catch barramundi or sometimes we catch bull sharks. I like to play in my room, there’s a whole mess of toys. I like to play with the outside toys and indoor toys. My dog’s name is Red Dog.

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