August, 31 2012
Port Hedland
Martin Parr



I worked for the MG Kailis Group for four years, as their Stock & Logistics Manager for their Exmouth operations, looking after wholesale, retail, and logistics. They had two trucks working the Pilbara route, which went from Pannawonica to Karratha, and through to Port Hedland weekly.

It is an 800 kilometre drive from Exmouth to Port Hedland and it’s a four day round trip. All the fish and prawns we sell comes from the Exmouth Gulf. MG Kailis run nine prawn trawlers and two fishing fleets, we sell red emperor, coral trout, squid, prawns, bugs (which are similar to Moreton Bay Bugs); and spangled emperor, basically all your tropical species. There is a huge market in Port Hedland for this type of fresh fish. MG Kailis took on the actual trucking about three years ago, but the truck has been running for 15 to 16 years through Onslow Seafood, which was owned by Mick Manainmifis who is about 70and still cuts fish.

I moved to Exmouth about four years ago from Adelaide, where I was also born, we had family in Exmouth already who were involved in MG Kailis. I just fell in love with the place, the coast is just gorgeous, and it’s all still so alive unlike the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. The people are the highlight everyone’s friendly.

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