February, 10 2010
Marble Bar Rd, before Marble Bar
Peter Zylstra

Like Tony, Peter Eastway was also difficult for me to track. He would immediately disappear when we reached a new location. After a bit of searching, he could be found in a prime location away from the others, discovering a sublime panorama or a gentle image of solitude in the vast horizon. He knew when he had a good picture, and didn’t waste his time if the light wasn’t perfect or the feeling wasn’t there. These skills of discernment help make him one of Australia’s best photographers, as well as publisher of two of the most important Australian photography magazines.

He actually used these magazines to his advantage after the photographers captured the above storm rolling across the desert. As soon as we arrived at our accommodations in Marble Bar, he worked his image up and posted it on his magazine’s online page, being the first to own this experience.

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