March, 5 2010
Mount Sheila
Mags Webster

There is a daylight moon. Do we see it because the air is so clear? In the mid-morning sunlight, the colours are pretty bleached but there is still a hint of its lacy outline hovering above the escarpment.
Mount Sheila is a mesa, a flat-topped hill, 975 m in height. Where I come from, that's over 3,000 ft, a Munro. Though I've climbed a few in Scotland, I am glad that we are driving up this hill, and I am also glad that it is not I behind the wheel. The track is very rough and steep, the ute complains, and it feels more like we are in a skiff in a force 6 on the Solent than in a four wheel drive. 
On top of the hill there is a 360° view. Having penetrated the depths of the gorges yesterday, here we are on the roof of the Pilbara. Mt Sheila used to be the site of a telecom repeater station, its purpose to listen for and amplify telephone signals. It's certainly a good spot for tuning into the elements. For several moments all I do is listen to the wind.

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